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Xinhua Chinese Association


Xinhua Chinese Association (XCA) has been established by a group of Chinese people in Manchester in March 2004, aiming to provide a platform for Chinese people and their families to make friends, and to help each other on different issues. Its intended members are those Chinese people who have settled down in the UK and those who will stay in the UK for a relatively long time.


XCA has emerged into a major Chinese organisation in Greater Manchester area since its establishment two years ago. For sustained development of XCA, we welcome any constructive suggestions and any comments from you and welcome you to join us! Please contact us at xca@xca.org.uk.


XCA is organising a wide variety of regular activities from singing, dancing, sports, travel to social events. On major UK and Chinese festivals, XCA is also organising some celebration events, please keep updated with the latest NEWS from us!

Xinhua Chinese Association


If you'd like to join over 100 Chinese families in Greater Manchester to enjoy various  recreational activities which XCA is organising, you are more than welcome! To find out more about XCA, please get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you. If you are thinking of joining now, please subscribe to our mailing list using the links below:

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Membership Fee

From 2009, XCA will not charge members for Membership fees.  Instead, attendees of some future events will be asked to make a small contribution towards the expenses. XCA also welcome donations from members and supporters. In the meantime, XCA will strive hard to apply for external funding to support its activities.