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Spending your summer in the UK’s top universities, with wide range of modules customized by renowned academic department

We partner with UK’s top universities for example, LSE, Imperial College and University of Manchester etc to deliver the tailor-made academic modules in programme. The subjects are customized to suit your academic or personal interests, with a wide range of areas including business, finance, engineering, English, sports and arts.

The students could not only develop their interest subject in university with high reputation, to learn from the advanced methodology and curriculum, but also have an opportunity to face to face communicate with well-known professors who has profound influence in industry.

Apart from the strong academic aspect, to spend the summer in UK, for example, right in the heart of London, means the students could make use of the city as a learning space by excursion and fieldtrip to areas in and near the city.

We take care of students in all aspects. We offer well-facilitated accommodation in city and transportation, as well as a selection of social events and historic education tours to help students make the most of their time in UK.


What’s included in our programme:

University courses

A mentor 24 hours with group


City tours

Meals in tours

Student Accommodation